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Event Staff Badge Set – PVC Plastic (Custom Printed with Your Company Name & Number) Available in 12, 36, 60 and 108 Piece Sets – Made in The U.S.A. Blue


  • Available in 12, 36, 60 and 108 Piece Sets.
  • Customize with your Company Name and Information


Customize your Event Staff ID Badge Set



AVAILABLE IN 12,36, 60 and 108 Piece Sets.

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This listing is for 12 Premium Quality, Custom printed EVENT STAFF BADGE SET (Blue Color). The cards measure 3.375 by 2.125 inches (about the same size as a credit card).

Each of the 12 Cards includes a Vinyl Zip-Lock Card Holder and a 30′ inch Stainless Steel Ball Chain. Cards are numbered 0001 to 0012. If purchasing multiple sets, the numbers will continue to go up.

For example, if you purchase the 5 dozen set (60 pieces) the numbers would be: 0001 to 0060.

The Stainless Steel Ball Chain eliminates damage on clothing caused by pricks from pins or strong adhesive on stickers, as well as lanyards that break and get lost easily. Badges are securely attached to the Ball Chain that’s worn around the neck.

The Ball Chains are Stainless Steel and are 30′ inches in length.

Creates a professional look for your Company, Organization or Event.

Helps to identify the Authorized Event Staff Quickly and Easily..

Available in 12, 36, 60 and 108 Piece Sets.

Hurry, get your custom EVENT STAFF Badge Set Today…